Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing

Hearing people just don't understand!

Deaf and hard-of-hearing people experience unique challenges that are rarely addressed with their families or in the workplace. Thirty years of training and experience and fluency in sign language have prepared me to offer support to individuals with hearing loss. Families become inspired to make small adjustments that can aid in communication and understanding and improve their relationships with one another. An understanding of Deaf culture adds a meaningful layer to humanistic counseling and therapy. Bridging this culture and language gap for families and loved ones can be life-altering. It is a true honor and a source of personal pride to successfully open doors to connection for people whose lives have been affected by hearing loss.

I have supported Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals as they process their experiences at the workplace with difficult coworkers and bosses, assisted with self-advocacy, and helped navigate legal organizations and systems.  They have brought in their husbands, wives, children and parents (oh, and cousins! and grandparents!) to address conflict, gain insight or discuss situations about which they desire a deeper understanding or better resolution.  People with hearing loss may have additional challenges such as physical or intellectual disabilities, mood or other mental health disorders, or struggle with substance abuse or addiction.  My hope is for you all to experience my office as a safe, confidential and comfortable place to explore any and all areas of concern.

Please visit the Credentials page to learn more about my experience with individuals who are Deaf and hard-of-hearing.

Services provided in English and American Sign Language