Teens and Young Adults

How do I turn values, goals and dreams into action?

Today’s complex economic and social environment places great importance on our ability to succeed in all aspects of life: academically, professionally, financially, and relationally. These expectations, reinforced by pressure from others, can be emotionally overwhelming for teens and young adults. Therapy can help you to navigate unchartered waters and alleviate feelings of helplessness, fear, anxiety and self-doubt. Together we can:

  • Identify external blocks to success (and help significant others better understand) 
  • Recognize and confront our own internal blocks to success
  • Replace fear of failure with concrete alternatives to prove that you CAN, leading to increased confidence 
  • Uncover unique talents, strengths and passions to create a new and achievable life vision
  • Manage your changing relationships with parents and others as you move towards greater self-reliance and independence
  • Establish healthy boundaries to solidify your independence and gain control over your life
  • Address the anxiety and/or depression that often accompanies this stage of development
  • Adjust to the “new normal” while maintaining the emotional balance you have worked hard to achieve. 

Services provided in English and American Sign Language