Teens and Young Adults

How do I translate values, goals and dreams into action?

Today’s complex economic and social environment places greater importance on your ability 

to succeed in all aspects of life: academically, professionally, financially, and relationally. These expectations, reinforced by pressure from others, can be emotionally overwhelming for teens and young adults. I can help you navigate unchartered waters and, together, work towards alleviating feelings of helplessness, fear, anxiety and self-doubt.  Together we can:

  • Identify the external blocks to success, and help significant others better understand. 
  • Recognize and confront our own internal blocks to success.
  • Replace fear of failure with concrete alternatives to prove that you CAN, leading to increased confidence. 
  • Uncover unique talents, strengths and passions to create a new and achievable life vision.
  • Manage your changing relationships with parents and partners as you move towards greater self-reliance and independence. 
  • Establish healthy boundaries with others to solidify your independence and gain control over your life. 
  • Adjust to the “new normal” while maintaining the emotional balance you have worked hard to achieve. 

Services provided in English and American Sign Language (ASL).